The story of a
Milanese pastry shop

Storia di una
pasticceria milanese

The story begins during post-war period when Milan was in a strong economic growth.
More precisely in Via Francesco Reina 31 – a parallel road of Viale Argonne near the district of Lambrate. Here, in 1949 on a summer day, a small artisan pastry shop first opened its doors and from its address will take its name.

Pasticceria Reina Torta Foresta Nera

Thanks to the skill and hard work of the four founding partners, Pasticceria Reina began to make a great name for itself by supplying the desserts list of the most famous restaurants in Milan.

After 40 years the pastry shop became owned by the bakery production manager Francesco Alcino who, with the help of his wife and later of his son Marco, continued the business by strengthening the name and starting a change towards a more modern and innovative pastry-making.

Mike Bongiorno, Mario Merola, Pippo Baudo, Alessandro Cattelan, Gigi D’Alessio, Miriana Trevisan… many celebrities of the Italian jet set of yesterday and today have chosen to celebrate their personal and professional successes with Reina’s pastry.

After more than 70 years and three generations of Milanese pastry chefs, Pasticceria Reina is appreciated and recognized as an excellence in the production of leavened dough, biscuits, cakes and mini pastries of the Lombardy tradition and beyond.