Milanese pastry chefs since 1949

After more than 70 years, three generations of Milanese pastry chefs and a huge amount of cakes baked by the historic Milanese pastry shop in Via Reina, nowadays Pasticceria Reina is appreciated and recognized as the excellence of the Lombardy pastry and beyond.

Pasticceria Reina Torta Foresta Nera
Pasticceria Reina Torta Foresta Nera
Pasticceria Reina, torta classica

The pastry shop

A wide selection of classic cakes, mirror glaze cakes and shortcrust pastry tarts alongside a selection of biscuits and small pastries from “Wonderland”. If they call us ‘Panettone Masters’… that’s because the leavened are our cherry on top and, last but not least, we know how to satisfy even the savoury lovers.


El Panetún de Milan

Our Panettone is the authentic ‘Panetún de Milan’ with double leavening made only with sourdough starter refreshed and handed down for more than half a century by our pastry chefs. For over 70 years, every morning we give shape to the legendary Milanese dough with which we bake Panettoni, Colombe, Veneziane, ring-shaped Cakes and Kranz in almost 20 different fillings.

tutti i giorni da oltre 70 anni

tutti i giorni
da oltre 70 anni

El Panetún de Milan

El Panetún
de Milan

Il Panettone di Reina è l’autentico ‘Panetún de Milan’ con doppia lievitazione e realizzato esclusivamente con lievito madre rinfrescato e tramandato da più di mezzo secolo dai nostri artigiani pasticceri. Da oltre 70 anni, ogni mattina diamo forma al leggendario impasto milanese con il quale sforniamo panettoni, colombe, veneziane, ciambelle e kranz in quasi 20 farciture differenti.

Reina’s Day

The pastry shop is a meeting point to pamper yourself at any time of the day. From breakfast with selected coffee blends to a delicious and well-finished lunch break, from afternoon tea to an aperitif outside at the end of the day.


Lunch break

Afternoon tea




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